The New York State Association of Traffic Safety Boards (NYSATSB) is a statewide association of county traffic safety boards, state and federal agencies, highway engineers, safety professionals, corporations and individuals who share common interest in traffic safety and injury prevention.

In addition, the Association has identified monthly objectives for traffic safety boards in each community. This approach helps us to send a consistent message regarding traffic safety to all communities throughout NYS during a specific timeframe (e.g. during September the focus is on bus safety, during October the focus is on teen safe driving, during November the focus is on buckling up, and in December the focus is on drunk and drugged driving).

The Association focuses on the following topics
-Resource Development
-Public Education
-Occupant Protection
-Alcohol Countermeasures
-Work Zone Safety
-Traffic Records -Pedestrian Safety
-Child Passenger Safety
-Bicycle/In-Line Skating Safety
-School Bus Safety
-Traffic Safety Legislation
-Motor Vehicle / Motorcycle crash & injury reduction

L. Richard Novelli Award
NYSATSB Award Nomination Form
for 2018

Download Form:
(Microsoft Word Document)

Roy Thorpe
NYSATSB Award Nomination Form
for 2019

Download Form
(Microsoft Word Document)

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